Studio Artist List

Below is a complete list of the working artists that maintain a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center, along with where their studio number and their medium of choice. It’s a diverse group of artists. A contact link is provided next to their names; many artists have supplied links to their work. We have a map of the building with studio numbers to help locate an artist’s studio.

Hot Shops ART CENTER ArtisTS

Studio Name Medium Contact
306 Adams, Kelly painting
111 Barry, Tim ceramics
105 Batt, Valerie stained glass, jewelry
313 Berry, Kristin photography, painting, design
206 CreativeMornings Omaha education
001 Bruning, Les sculpture, metal casting
001 Bruning, Madalyn painting
222 Clark, Micah painting  
323 Cotton-Enger, Kim painting
Davis, Jay photography
004 Daharsh, Frank glass
106 DeBuse, Carole gemstone jewelry, ceramics  
210 Elliott-Bartle, Lori painting
102 Ehlers, Margie glass beads
105 Eklow, Robbi quilt
004 Emanuel, Whitney M. glass  
004 Fennell, Ed blown glass
315 Fields, Will photography
202 Fimbres, Brian film
208 Gaines, Agneta fiber  
319 Garret, George painting  
321 Ginsburg, Cheri pastel
308 Gray, Steve photography
004 Grzeskowiak, Dan glass, video
004 Grzeskowiak, Rebecca glass  
212 Guthrie, Ken mixed media
102 Hagen, Sandra lampwork, jewelry  
209 Hahn, Jeffery marketing
G2 Henry, Dirk violin maker
208 Hamersky, Kitt fiber  
205 Jaffery, Ahmad TAAP Media
205 Johnson, Jenna painting
002 Kemp, Chris CK Fabrication
311 Khan, Kris fabric
004 Klein, Gerry glass
312 Knudsen, Sandie graphic design  
314 Kowalski, Joan jewelry
314 Kowalski, Steve photography
109 Kvigne, Lynn jewelry
004 Kuk, Mary Anne glass  
318 Lamb, Jim photography
204 Light-Johnson, Nancy painting
204 Light-Anderson, Valerie painting
218 Lontor, Pat painting, photography  
110 Macdonald, Greg wood
312 Maginn, Jennifer painting, design
312 Margritz, Charity painting, design  
307 Martin, Dani mixed media  
002 Mattern, Diane sculpture  
102 Merwald-Gofta, Meridith silversmithing
219 Miller, John painting
102 Nichilo, Melanie jewelry  
102 Overholt-Peterson, K.D. sculpture  
103 Photographics: Koopman, Terry fine printing services
303 Price, Jason painting
203 Quiroz, Gabriella painting, pencils, crayons
G1 Radil, Jennifer design, painting, mixed media
219 Reeves, Stephanie photography
G2 Reza, Alex Louis violin maker
112 Rhoades, Michael painting  
307 Rotundo, Tracy mixed media  
301 Santamaria, Eddy architecture
106 Schmitz, Caroline ceramics  
004 Schrader, Matt glass
Office Sellmeyer, Kim foundation director  
306 Siragusa, Tim performance  
004 Smith, Mel painting  
310 Swanson, Marsha quilt
220 Szelag, Angela jewelry, painting
320 Wolcott, Bill violinist  
111 Toberer, Dan ceramics
100.5 Tuma, Dorothy photography, fabric
215 Vande Voort, Dar painting
100 Wallace, Paula painting, printmaking
213 Wamsat, Sara Sumnick mixed media  
213 Wamsat-Wellendorf, Kalle painting, pottery, photography  
217 Watts, Andre painting
217 Watts, John mixed media  
108 Wilson, Joyce painting  
323 Woksa, Trudy painting, drawing
201 Zagurski, Robin painting