Winter and Home Goods

Thursday, Jan. 23 from 4-6:30 p.m.
Join Hot Shops Artists for a closing reception for the Home Goods Exhibit! This event is a potluck - so if you can, bring a snack or beverage to share. 

About Home Goods, curated by Paula Wallace

The stuff of living starts with a good line – classical to modern, naïve or refined, drawn or sewn or hammered. A good home may start with an idea – the architect’s drawing follows an arc of conversation, the nature of need, the sunlight through the seasons, the slope of the earth. The raw materials of building a home are honed into both beauty and function – the clay into brick or vessel, the wood into framework or table, the iron into beam or bench, the fiber that covers a window or a bed also rests in the worlds of beauty and utility. Why shouldn’t the functional also be lovely?

Exhibiting Artists: Eddy Santamaria – Architect, Reece Santamaria – The Architect’s Son, Tim Barry – Potter, Dan Toberer – Potter and Craftsman, Chris Kemp – Blacksmith and Craftsman, Frank Daharsh – Glass Artist, Ed Fennell – Glass Artist, Madelaine Healey – Potter, Les Bruning – Sculptor, Kris Khan – Quilter and Fiber Artist, Robbi Eklow – Quilter and Fiber Artist, Kitt Hammersky – Weaving Artist

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Show runs January 6 - 26th, 2020

Nicholas Street & Hallway Galleries


Drawing from Life

Annual exhibit of the best works from 2019's life drawing studio sessions. Various artists.

Show runs February 6th - March 1st, 2020

Nicholas Street Gallery

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OPS Art Teacher Show

Omaha Public Schools showcased their high school artists’ talents in December, now it’s the teachers’ turn! It's safe to say our students are in talented hands. Come down in April and see for yourself!

Nicholas Street Gallery


OPS Student Show

Companion group show with OPS Students doing the flexing.

Nicholas Street Gallery

Hot Shops Winter Open House

19th Annual
Spring Open House

Building wide Event

More to come...

Hot Shops Art Center


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Hot Shops Open House

Hot Shops Open House

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