The Hot Shops Art Center

A Little History

In 1999 a group of established artist studios and interested investors purchased the old Serta Mattress Factory located just north of the Old Market area in Omaha, Nebraska, with the idea of sharing molten resources while giving artists in Omaha a studio of their own amonst a village of other artists.

The Hot Shop Art Center is the first art center of its kind in the Omaha area. The Art Center includes the four anchor Hot Shops, 58 artist studios, and three art galleries.

The studio spaces, which occupy almost the entire building, are available for artists of all disciplines. A place where artists can work and interact establishes an atmosphere for creative art discourse. This will not only be an energizing influence on development of art, it ultimately creates relationships with other artists and fosters a sense of community.

SOUTH BUILDING: Our four anchor shops

Crystal Forge

Crystal Forge uses glass furnaces and annealing ovens for producing flat art glass and glass jewels to be used by stained glass fabricators. The facility will also be used to serve the companies custom architectural clients and art glass production.

Bruning Sculpture

Les Bruning maintains a foundry for casting bronze, aluminum, and iron for production of unique fine art and interesting architectural details.

Hot Shops Pottery

Tim Barry and Dan Toberer produce ceramic pots and scupltures ranging from the very small to the really big. Deep inside the studio is a rather large, walk-in kiln.

C.K. Fabrication

C.K. Fabrication is a fully functioning blacksmithing shop. Chris Kemp can and has created just about anything you can think of.

Core studios share common areas for tools, equipment and other functions that are necessary for each but need not be duplicated, such as sandblasting, spray booth, drill press and heavy saws, etc., shipping and receiving. The core studios and their expertise are available to other artists in fabricating pieces when needed.

If you're interested in more information about the core shops, go here.


NORTH BUILDING: Galleries & Artist studios

Working Artist Studio spaces have been developed for artists to design and create pieces of art. There are 55 individual studios in the building. Many of the studios house multiple artists, of which many will collaborate with each other, giving the Hot Shops a unique environment for which to develop creativity and wonderous artwork. Each studio comes with a little wall space for the artists to hang there latest works, making the walls come alive with a wide range of art that changes over time. No two visits are the same.

View a list of artists at the Hot Shops here.


Hot Shops Galleries

Gallery spaces and some common areas can be rented for events, and individual or group shows. Check our Gallery Events page for the latest announcements.If you are interested in curating a show or hosting a special event, please visit our Event Spaces page.


Nicholas Street

Nicholas Street Gallery

The Nicholas Street Gallery is great for group shows and larger events.

Hallway Gallery

Hallway Gallery

The Hallway Gallery features high exposure for art.