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Jaida Bentley

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Jaida Bentley

In the studio - Currently by appointment only
Hours subject to change. To ensure artist availability, please email.

Meet Jaida Bentley, a multi-talented artist, photographer and holistic wellness practitioner at Studio 315. Jaida's expertise lies in capturing memories through the lens of her camera, working closely with her subjects to bring their unique story to life. With a passion for photo-taking, she began at the age of 14 and grew into diverse visual talents, creating captivating and unique art pieces that tell a story.

Jaida traveled the world as an international model, before returning to Nebraska to pursue her holistic career, photography, and mixed-media art. In addition to her work as a visual and mixed media artist, Jaida is also a gifted psychic medium and shaman spirit walker. She uses her mixed media art to give voice to energy beyond human perception, giving form to the unseen forces that shape our world.

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