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Hustling Like an Immigrant

Saikou Camara speaks at CreativeMornings/Omaha
CreativeMornings/Omaha is a free monthly breakfast lecture series.

Hustling Like an Immigrant: Our Passport to Success

“Hustle like an Immigrant” is a mindset and you have it in you. Are you ready to unearth it?

The lion isn’t the fastest, smartest or tallest animal in the jungle – but it is the king. Where do you fall in the pecking order? Do you have more hunger, more heart, more desire to succeed? At this July 2019 CreativeMornings/Omaha event, Saikou Camara set out to inspire greatness in all of us by teaching us how to define our “whys,” confront our fears, and “Hustle like an Immigrant.”

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