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Students at a Glass Workshop

We are a living

Imagine what happens when you see the artist-at-work, hear directly from them about their ideas, processes, tools and have a hands-on experience….

Your imagination expands, you begin to think about new possibilities and opportunities to create new things and solve new problems.

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the Hot Shops.

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It started with ‘what if.’

Our Story

In 1999 a group of creative risk-takers were looking for a space to share so they could work together more efficiently. They found a building and formed the highly collaborative, supportive community of artists that is now at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

It all started with a few creatives asking, “What if we shared molten resources and invited others in?” The Hot Shops Art Center was the first of its kind in the area and is now home to 90 resident artists in 50 studios.

At our heart, we provide makers and artists a place and opportunity to be creative. Our greatest success lies in watching countless artists grow and thrive in their craft.

Hot Shops Core Studios

South Building

Our four Hot Studios make our arts organization a unique place of learning for the more challenging visual arts. Our potters fire at 2,300 degrees, glass blowers at 2,100 degrees, blacksmiths are at 1,900 degrees and our sculptors cast bronze at 2,100 degrees. This is the reason we are called the Hot Shops.

Art Glass Studio

  • The glass forge uses glass furnaces and annealing ovens for producing blown art glass, glass jewelry, ornaments, bowls, vases and more. 

Metal Foundry

  • The foundry is used for casting bronze, aluminum, and iron for production of unique fine art and interesting architectural details. 

Ceramics Studio

  • The pottery studio produces ceramic pots and sculptures ranging from small to very large. The studio has two kilns. The artists start with a simple lump of clay and turn it into beautiful array of shapes and colors.

Iron Forge

  • The forge is an ornamental blacksmithing shop with many pieces of machinist equipment including a milling machine that was restored off of a WWII destroyer. 

The Hot Studios share common areas for tools, equipment and other functions that are necessary for each but need not be duplicated, such as sandblasting, spray booth, drill press and heavy saws, etc., shipping and receiving. These studios and their expertise are available to other artists in fabricating pieces when needed.

If you’re interested in more information about the Hot Studios, go here.

North Building

There are over 50 studios located in the north building as well as two galleries. Many of the studios house multiple artists, allowing for a unique environment to develop creatively and work collaboratively.  When studio doors are open, the public is invited to come in to the space, look at works in progress and visit with the artists. Each studio has wall space for the artists to hang their latest works, making the entire building come alive with a wide range of art that changes over time. No two visits are the same.

View a list of artists at the Hot Shops here.

We Are

A Place to Create

Our arts organization provides educational opportunities and the space to explore creativity through a variety of artistic and creative processes. We provide opportunities for growth to over 90 publicly accessible working-artists in more than 50 studios. 

The greatest gift you can give an artist is the space to create.

Artists need space to facilitate creation of fine art. Our studios allow for the long term development of these pieces.