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Artist Feature James Hermsen

James Hermsen is a carpenter turned inventor, tinker, working in 3-D design modeling and printing. 

Suh Hermsen Strap LLC is as the inventive collaboration of Dr. Donny Suh and James. The pair are inventors and craftsmen, creating eyewear solutions globally for children, medical professionals and individuals in developing countries.

What inspires you?

James Hermsen:
People who help others inspire me the most.

Why do you create?

James Hermsen:
To share art with others and inspire them to create and take ownership in their own unique abilities. Sometimes we just need a little jumpstart to find the creativity that lies within us.

I like to create solutions for problems. Being a carpenter, I learned to build things and that eventually led me to becoming an inventor and artist.

What should we all know about your art?

James Hermsen:
I love using 3-D printing to create adaptive eyewear for kids born without ears “Microtia” and other medical conditions helping them to function at a higher level. They inspire me the most. I make a strap for surgical loupes that doctors, dentists, and hygienists use to perform more comfortably and securely keep their glasses in place.

I make masks in multi-mediums and helped create a mask-making station at the Hot Shops open houses. It allows children and adults to show off their creation by masquerading. I am always amazed at the beautiful mask everyone can make and the pride they take in wearing them.

How important is art to life?

James Hermsen:
Art is a universal language. It gives people hope. Art gives people a voice who had none. It creates solutions to problems. It brings people together working collectively for the greater good of the community. It gives people a means to express themselves and share their gifts with the world.

James displays his masks from his studio on the third floor.
Reindeer masks created for the Winter Open House, 2022