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Building Bridges with Art

At the Hot Shops, we believe one of the best ways to bring people together is through creativity and building things together.

In late 2022 we brought 15 individuals together for four workshops to create together through a program called the Bridge Builder Workshop Series.

This group had the opportunity to experience working with wood, paint, and ceramics all while interacting with people that hadn’t before. Participants had a chance to learn about each other and build relationships through a joint exploration of the creative process. 

A group of student creatives with JPYD Foundation participated in the workshops while helping to film and edit a video that captured the spirit of the program. They completed the video over four additional sessions. They were taught and guided by industry professionals learning skills in tracking, mixing, mastering, ambiance, music effects, and equalization.

These students enjoyed their journey of learning new skills and being able to work with participants in the program and professionals in their fields.

Thank you to students DeAnthany Dial, Alijah Warran, Daniel Barfield, Isiah Traelor and all the participants in our first-ever Bridge Builder Program!