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There is a hidden power that art brings to the conversation we call life. Art celebrates the individual. The materials have the ability to record the spirit of the maker. Are you open to the message it sends?

Listen to this discussion between Suzanne Smith Arney and Tim Barry on their interpretation of the power of art.

1:05 Suzanne Smith Arney begins to talk to Tim Barry about art and how it is a non verbal language.
4:31 Tim talks about looking at a painting and knowing what the artist felt based on the art.
9:07 Suzanne talks about her husband and holding a memorial service at an art center.
13:28 Tim talks about the mission statement of the studio and the students that he works with.
17:45 Tim tells that if he can teach a kid to be curious, then anything could be possible.
22:18 Suzanne talks about a poem she read recently and how it is a similar feeling to art.
27:10 Tim talks about his ideas in his sketch books and how a small percentage of them are valuable to him.
32:40 Tim talks about freedom in art and being themselves.