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Exhibit Celebrates Four-Years of CreativeMornings/Omaha

Four years ago, a group of creatives with a desire to see more connections and collaboration in the creative community did something radical – they rallied together to bring CreativeMornings to Omaha. They’ve been radical ever since: radically welcoming, radically thought-provoking, radically fun-loving.

In 2020, CreativeMornings/Omaha (CMO) group of volunteer organizers pivoted in a radical way to keep connecting and inspiring our hug and high-five craving community. For their birthday event, held on Friday, Nov. 13, they created a virtual gallery exhibit at the Hot Shops, featuring the work of several of the CMO community:

  • Dana Altman
  • Les Bruning
  • Stuart Chittenden
  • Jason Fischer
  • Eric Francis
  • Steve Gordon
  • Tim Guthrie
  • Dean Jacobs
  • Jeff Koterba
  • Susie Louis
    Portia Love
  • Dan McCann
  • Dave Nelson
  • Frank O’Neal
  • Rita Paskowitz
  • Hannah Smith

You can see videos of their work from some of the participants below.

Hot Shops is proud to serve as a home-base for CMO, whose manifesto in part reads, ‘Everyone is Creative, Everyone is Welcome.’

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