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Nightmare on Thirteenth

Hot Shops Art Center building

Take another look with your Halloween eyes

Our beloved art center can often disguise

Our spookier side we invite you to see

Put your brave face on and try not to flee

Toxic Boy Roy

Toxic boy, Roy, guards our glass door

Creating a safe place for spiders, newts and more

Just don’t get mixed up with the tools of the trade

Or your exterior limbs may end up spade

Tools for glass beading
Glass Kiln

The secrets of the glass shop abound

The keepers of the flame only at times to be found

The three of them and their love of the arts

Laid to rest in the place that held their hearts

Frank the skeleton

Frank, our dear skeleton is not really so mean

In the foundry cage he is rarely seen

A Christmas gift from father to son

Watching bent metal turn to art that stunsĀ 

As for our other creations of skulls

Their creepy eyes that need to be hulled

The molten bronze has taken shape

Into terrifying heads you want to escape

Thank you for taking this fantastic journey

We hope you are safe and not leaving in a gurney

Have a happy Halloween – get lots of treats

You just survived the Nightmare on Thirteenth