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Kicking Off the New Year by Asking, ‘What If…’

The future belongs to people with passion. That passion is a fire at the Hot Shops.

When the Hot Shops Art Center launched in 1999 it was one of the first of its kind in the nation. A space created out of the desire to share molten resources and build creative community, brought to life with a little luck, a lot of ‘what ifs,’ and the hard work that defines the people of Omaha.

The growth around us has been nothing short of amazing and we are proud to be an anchor to the neighborhood. In those 21 years, we’ve also watched other art centers crop up all over the United States including Kansas City, St. Louis and most recently, Des Moines.

The recognition of these cities on the importance of developing and recruiting the creative class and critical thinkers is encouraging.

Knowing that Omaha was at the forefront – inspiring.

Our dreams for the future are significant. We are starting the new year off by asking once again, what if…

  • What if we could invite the more than 55 artists on our wait list into our creative community?
  • What if we could provide the educational experiences that happen in our art center in a first-class way?
  • What if we could reach every child in our community at least once, to make sure they know what creative opportunities exist, and what if we could provide access to all who want to dive-in and learn more?
  • Last, what if the Hot Shops Art Center was key to helping attract and retain creative talent in Omaha?

Creative skills can transfer to any job of the future. The people who immerse themselves in the arts and humanities are also those that help us understand others, foster social justice and demonstrate empathy. Creative learners and artists will be in the center of helping Omaha achieve its goal of diversity and inclusion.

The future belongs to people with passion. That passion is a fire at the Hot Shops and we are ready to move Omaha’s beloved Art Center into the future.