Hours: Weekdays 10-6. Weekends 11-5.

We Are on a Creative Journey

When the Hot Shops Art Center launched in 1999 it was one of the first of its kind in the nation. A space created out of desire to share molten resources and build creative community. It was brought to life with a little luck, a lot of ‘what ifs,’ and the hard work that defines the people of Omaha.

In 2019 we began the work of becoming a nonprofit educational art center. Now, in 2021 we are proud to have provided 386 workshops, tours and demonstrations for the community, including underserved and special needs populations, and students from 37 schools that stretched from central Iowa to western Nebraska.

We are just getting warmed up.

Hot Shops artists are always learning and sharing. They seek to be better artists. This concentration of 70 service-driven artists range from those just starting out to award winning. They provide immersive and experiential learning opportunities forging a truly unique arts organization and significantly enhancing the vibrant arts community in Omaha. They teach in part for the passion of the craft and commitment to the community. They also understand the value teaching the creative process adds to the economy, innovation and cultural growth of the community.

We are artists/educators passionate about sharing our craft. Your gift will help us:

  • Provide 300+ educational programs in a wide array of media
  • Make art instruction more accessible to young people who face barriers economically, ethnically and educationally
  • Provide free programming that connects and inspires at CreativeMornings/Omaha

Our vision is to be the fire that helps spark a more open and creative community. When you support the Hot Shops, you’re investing in the arts, art-education, and the life- and community-changing power of creativity. 

Be that spark with us! Donate to the Hot Shops on Giving Tuesday, November 30 >

Glassblowing class

Glassblowing workshop for Boys & Girls Club, taught by Chris Carver.

Creative masking to tell cultural histories with the Intercultural Senior Center, taught by Paula Wallace.

Sneaker design with Completely Kids. Taught by Jennifer Young. 


CreativeMornings/Omaha virtual event featuring Edward Saunsoci.

Art/Book Club with Munroe Meyer Institute. Taught by Paula Wallace.

Lampworking with Completely Kids. Taught be Jon Bleicher.

Adult intro to painting class with Jenna Johnson. 

Stained glass demonstration by Valerie Leighton to Gretna Elementary 5th graders.