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Judy Haney

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Judy Haney

In the studio - by appointment.
To ensure artist availability, please email.

Media: oil and cold wax, polymer plate intaglio, photography

Statement: I’m drawn to nature and to the abstract beauty of overlapping colors in random sequences. When I’m using a camera I concentrate on surroundings, or the focal point of a person, or a certain landscape. When painting, I tend to follow the perfectly imperfect journey to an endpoint of having colors and patterns emerge that harmonize. Using oil and cold wax when painting abstracts enables me to enjoy the whole process of layering, going deeper.

Judy Haney was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. In her first career she worked in the medical field as a nurse in Pediatrics, and then Cardiology. After an early retirement, she was able to return to school to take art and literature courses and graduate with a General Studies Degree. She learned photography from Don Doll, S.J. and Michael Flecky, S.J., sculpture from Littlton Alston. Her love of Oil and Cold Wax is a recent development initiated by studying with Diane Lounsberry-Williams.


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